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Witnessing the sufferings of our loved ones is the most painful situation ever. And when it’s about cancer, then the miseries are unbearable. We desperately want to provide them comfort, but we cannot do anything except routine treatments, which is also a painful process itself. That’s where palliative care fits in.
Cancer Patient

Our goal is to provide relief to your loved ones, when they are suffering from distressand serious illness. We focus on easing symptoms like nausea, inflammation, fatigue, and shortness of breath.

Our specialty in treatments includes medicine, nutrition therapy, physical therapy, and relaxation techniques like breathing exercises, music therapy, and pranayama, along with emotional and spiritual counseling; to provide them possible relief from physical and emotional agony.  We provide them love and affection, with the compassionate care they crave for.

Cancer Patient FAQ's

No, it is not disease-specific. In addition to advanced cancer, and stroke, patients with end-stage respiratory, cardiovascular, and other diseases such as AIDS, get benefitted from palliative care. It also helps to reduce distress in the majority of the elderly in their last phase of life.

Palliative care is associative care along with treatment to control or slow down the underlying disease. Palliative care is meant for providing patients the desirable care and comfort to provide them an ease.