EOLC (End of Life Care) EOLC (End of Life Care)

How people die lives in the memory of those who live on. - Dame Cecily Saunders (Foundress of Palliative Medicine & Care)
EOLC (End of Life Care)

End of Life Care helps individuals to live life as pain-free and comfortable as possible and to die with dignity. Our experienced counseling team at Shanti Palliative Care asks about patients' preferences and wishes and takes these into account while providing medical care.

Appropriate medical treatment and daily care during the final phase can make a calm and peaceful death possible.

EOLC (End of Life Care) FAQ's

In Shanti Palliative Care we focus on rational, quality pain relief, and palliative care to the needy. We have -

  • In-House Doctor Managed Care
  • Palliative Care
  • Dedicated Nursing care 24*7
  • Psychological & Spiritual Counselling

People in their last stage of life due to chronic diseases need End of Life Care for death with dignity. It helps treat emotional pain and suffering, to help make the dying person comfortable.