Geriatric Palliative Care Geriatric Palliative Care

The Elderly population is an integral part of our society. We owe respect to them and must extend equal attention like other members of our family.
Geriatric Palliative Care

Changing family dynamics and modern living styles are bringing loneliness, negligence, illness to the elderly population; that creating difficulties for them to cope and live life respectfully and happily. The lack of appropriate treatment and compassionate care, leading our elder generation towards a great depression and miserable health issues. They have taken care of you and today, wherever you are standing, are standing for them only. Now it’s time to take care of them like they did.  And so here we are, with compassionate and dedicated care for our senior citizens.

Through a number of synchronized activities like necessary treatments, regular health check-up, physiotherapy, recreational activities, hygiene maintenance, individual nursing; we are helping our elder members to live their last innings of life with good health, confidence, and endless happiness.

Geriatric Palliative Care FAQ's

  • Qualified and highly congenial caregivers.
  • We have both male nurses who give them a proper companionship
  • Taking the elders walking, helping them to change their dress, or clean their soiled clothes, taking them to the toilet, and helping them to excrete with a great level of dedication.
  • Regular cleaning of the wound and dressing of the wounds

Do regular health check-ups, provide them the medicine on your own, provide them easy-to-chew and digest foods, take them for a walk, and keep them hydrated with at least 3litre water per day. Apart from all these points, must take care of their emotional health; providing them your time and attention that is the most vital thing that they crave.