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Every patient with kidney disease must take special care of their body. Managing care and treatment for kidney disease is a round-the-clock effort that can put enormous physical and emotional strain on both the patient and the family.
Kidney Diseases

Here are several ways of our palliative care that can offer your loved ones with kidney problems an extra layer of support and compassion.

 Palliative care uplifts the results of curative treatment. Our palliative care team will work with you to provide relief from conditions related to kidney disease chronic kidney disease, glomerulonephritis, polycystic kidney disease, urinary tract infections, and kidney failure. We help you to make critical decisions about treatment options including dialysis and kidney transplant. If your patient has already been treated with dialysis and his health is declining, our palliative care specialists can help you to comfort your patient.

Kidney Diseases FAQ's

Palliative care insurance conditions are similar to other medical care; most insurance plans (including Medicare and Medicaid) cover all or part of palliative care.

The life expectancy for a person with regular dialysis is around 5–10 years, though many live for 20–30 years. However, even with dialysis treatment early in the course of the condition, an estimated 20–50% of people die within 2 years. With compassionate palliative care, we can ensure that their last life will be less miserable and emotionally stable.