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The greatest attainment is the longevity of life. But alas! Longevity, though good is riddled with physical, mental, financial and social problems, which can be quite severe. Our senior citizens are the living assets of our lives.
Old Age Home

We care Senior Citizens with love, affection & dignity which they deserve. A sound therapeutic & palliative care back-up is there to take care of elderly patients during their convalescence or recovery period.

We are concern about your hygiene, hydration, nutrition, skin care, prevention of bedsores, pain alleviation, maintaining record of intake, output& vitals.  To give you a relief from your pains we provide regular physiotherapy and massage therapy. The mental health is much more crucial in old day. Keeping that in mind we arrange regular counseling, recreational activities, meditation, and even musical programs for our lovely grand patients!

Old Age Home FAQ's

No, we don’t allow staying family members overnight. We have observed that senior’s second sight with dementia may take time to readjust after a longer visit with their family member. This may also disturb their routine and other residents.

Our doors are open for any time. We encourage family members to visit as often as possible. Although you can observe their routine activities, instead of actively participating.